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Hep C News – All About New Hepatitis C Treatment, Cure Rates and Cost

New Hepatitis C Treatment, Cure Rates and Cost

There are many informational websites dedicated to hepatitis C, private and public, written by professionals and amateurs. What we never liked about them is this pretentious tone they take when talking about “living with hepatitis C and surviving”. Unlike many of these websites, here in Hep C News we refuse to take this “near-deathbed” tone and to see hepatitis C as a long-lasting nearly terminal disease. Instead, we believe in new hepatitis C treatment solutions.

New hepatitis C treatment – sofosbuvir and ledipasvir – and their generics

Hep C News is 100% independent website that is not sponsored by any company or industry. Our goal is to search everywhere and find the best answers for our readers. We make every effort to be honest, unbiased and objective and to show you different points of view.

new hepatitis C virus treatmentYou can depend on us to collect the most up-to-date information about new hepatitis C treatment, the cost of the treatment in different countries, and hepatitis C cure rates.

With us you will see that hepatitis C can and should be cured as soon as possible and you’ll discuss various options available and how to get access to these treatment options. Whether you already tried the interferon-ribavirin combo treatment or the new antiviral drugs, or you are just considering starting the treatment with any of those, on Hep C News you can share your concerns and your experiences. Finally, we also collect the most reliable pieces of advice on natural cures for hepatitis C or, better say, the remedies that help preserving the liver condition. If you take them with the grain of salt and use them wisely, you can boost the chances of staying in a good health while waiting for the ultimate new hepatitis C treatment solution.

Keep It Simple, Silly

So, you are interested in hepatitis C – or else you wouldn’t be reading this. You probably didn’t get you Harvard’s B.A. in the oxymora use in 18th-century prose and poetry. Most likely, it doesn’t even say M.D. on your mailbox. See, we already have lots in common!

This is why we’ll try our best to write in plain English and keep it as simple as possible. The fact that you find yourself reading – or worse, writing, like we do – for hepatitis C website means already that the life isn’t that easy. So why make it even more complicated? We want our articles to be reliable and easy to understand.

People living with hepatitis deserve educational and social support, and we are trying our best to provide it. Without overcomplicating.

Sharing Is Caring – But Not For Hepatitis C

We know that connecting to others dealing with a similar health condition is important. This is why in Hep C News we value your feedback and we invite you to share your comments and experiences with other members.

We also know that avoiding hepatitis C transmission and protecting their loved ones from this disease is often a key concern for many patients. There are many misconceptions about what is considered a risky behavior for hepatitis C virus and what is not. Why can’t we share the toothbrushes if we can share the forks? My doctor says that I can’t transmit it to my sexual partner as long as he’s my only partner, how so?

In Hep C News we bust the myths and verify the information sources. We carefully collect and crosscheck all the rumors about hepatitis C prevention and dangerous practices. All this so that you can share this information with you loved ones – without sharing your hep C.

Dying To Know But Afraid To Find Out – Understanding Hepatitis C

new hepatitis c treatment questionsWhether you are a suffering from hepatitis C, or wonder if you might be, or have just found out that your friend or a family member does, there are many questions that you might want to ask. Sometimes you don’t know whom to ask to get a reliable answer, but sometimes you don’t know how to ask without hurting someone’s feelings. This is why we are bringing together the answers to the hepatitis C questions – the most frequently asked and the most unexpected ones.


How do I know if I have hepatitis or not? What are the symptoms and signs? How does hepatitis C affect the body? How is it transmitted? What is the new hepatitis C treatment and how is it better than the old one? What can I say – and what I shouldn’t – to a person affected by hepatitis C? I’ve just found out that I have hepatitis C, shall I tell to my friends and family?


With Hep C News, you can find the answers to these questions. Not only you will learn more about this special health condition, but you will also be able to better understand and support your loved ones.

What Whisky Will Not Cure, There Is No Cure For – Can You Cure Hepatitis C?

Can hepatitis C cure itself? Does a liver transplant cure hepatitis C? Are there natural cures? What are hepatitis C cure rates? What is the cost of new hepatitis C treatment?


old and new hepatitis c treatmentThe topic of whether hepatitis C can and should be treated was historically controversial. Interferon treatment wasn’t a very efficient one, and taking in mind the side effects, not a very light one either. New treatment for hepatitis C only appeared in 2014, and is therefore still little known, even among the health practitioners. The treatment of certain genotypes wasn’t optimized until 2015, and in many countries it is still not available. In those few countries where new antiviral drugs for hepatitis C are sold, the price of the new hepatitis drug is higher than the Eiffel Tour. So the new antiviral drugs, Solvaldi™ and Harvoni™ (otherwise known as the “new hepatitis C treatment” or by their active components name, “sofosbuvir” and “sofosbivir and ledipasvir“) even though extremely effective, remain practically out of most people’s reach. The generic versions of these new drugs (sofosbuvir and ledipasvir, sold in India, Egypt and Morocco) are way cheaper, but finding the genuine ones and buying them requires “your heart and nerve and sinew”, as Kipling would say.

These are the reasons, among others, why the general awareness of the new hepatitis C treatment remains low. And this is why we take our time to find the best answer to all the treatment-related questions.

New Hepatitis C Treatment Mythbusters

How much does Sovaldi™ cost? Should I take antiviral therapy? What is the usual hepatitis C treatment outcome? Does it depend on my genotype? My doctor said that my condition isn’t severe enough to get access to the treatment, is it true? I know someone who gets the new antiviral drugs, but my insurance wouldn’t cover me, how can this be fair?


Of course, knowing everything about the new hepatitis C treatment doesn’t solve the treatment problem at once. But forewarned is forearmed, they say. And we sincerely hope that this support and guidance will help you and your loved ones to make the right choices, maybe to find an access to a new hepatitis C treatment – and, in any case, that it will lead you towards the best health condition.